Beast Fantasia Studio has been founded by Zilven in 2011, designing and making animal themed merchandise, publications, and artistic costumes in Taiwan. We often attend conventions, local's especially, to share our works and we do ship them worldwide.

We have frequently been asked ​for fursuit commissions in recent years, therefore, we have devoted ourselves to the study of costume since 2016, including  3D printing   , hoping to give our customers the best experience of customized products.


We are looking forward to having you be our client or even a business partner. 



About Costumes:


Q: How often do you open commission?

A: We couldn't tell the exact date so far. Any further news will be announced on our Twitter and Facebook once we are ready to open slots or auction.



Q: Do you accept a payment plan?

A: Yes, a payment plan could always be discussed if needed. Please keep in mind that the down payment (30%) could not be refunded once the commission has been accepted.

Q: How long does it take to finish my costume?

A:  According to how many commissions we have on the current list. It's expected to be finished by 3 months at the soonest, and 1 year at the latest. We'll inform you of an approximate date once your commission has been accepted.


Q: Do you accept taking copyrighted characters as a commission?

A: We don't do derivative work for personal use. (If you're looking for commercial collaboration, please contact us via e-mail) 

Q: Can I send my character reference sheet and details for a further quote?

A: If the quote is closed, we may not be able to reply. 

Q: How to place an order once the commission is opened?

A: We may release a form on Twitter and Facebook, asking commissioners to provide the design of their characters. Usually, we don't do first come first served, so people could just fill the form by the closing date, and we'll pick the design that fits our style and we are able to make.

About Products:


Q: Would the sold-out product be back in stock?

A: Usually, most of our products will only produce once due to its high cost and minimum order requested by the factory. Only if there is enough demand, then we may consider reproducing it in the future.


Q: Do you have any physical store?

A: No. We usually sell our products at conventions, and ship products worldwide.



Q: How often do you make a new product or publication?

A: In general, we produce two or more different kinds of product per year. It's usually released in February, June, and October to meet local ACG/Furry convention.









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