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Beast Fantasia Studio Costume Commission

4/23 - 4/30, 2021




Auction Rules


► This auction will last until 4/30 and finish at 23:59 Taipei time (GMT+8). Bid at the last min will extend another 30 mins until no one place new bid. 
► The highest bidder wins.
► Winner will get a full costume suit commission. Any species is available and will be done in the end of this OCT.
► Price is in USD. The minimum bid increment is 50 USD.
► If you wish to update the bidding price after filled the form, please just refill it. The newest bid will cover your previous bidding.
► Bidder needs to prove the costume character model sheet/ref art for making the suit, or give artist freedom to us to design it.
► The bidding price doesn't including shipping. Shipping cost depends on your location and how fast you wish to receive it.
► Accept Paypal only. (We will charge extra 5% handing fee) Payment plan is available, but the first payment must be 30% of the total price.
► Winner must answer our email within 24 hours and finish the first payment within 7 days. We will only send the suit after receive fully payment.
► If the character is too complex* or has something that hard to be made, we may ask extra fee or discuss to make some change.
(* Character has more than 6 colors(inc.), several horns or ramification, wings, complex tattoos...etc. )
► We will make the costume with our own style, we may not change our style by the ref pictures.
► We don't make copyright characters or any character that isn't belong to the winner. 
► If we can not get contact with the winner or they fail to pay, the second high bidder will win the bid.
► Any bid that doesn't follow the rules will be removed.

Any question please email to:


Randolph 3D WIP.jpg

3D printing

Light, strong, customized measurements


We build and print our own 3D models for our bases and parts. We use high-quality materials which make our costumes lighter and stronger than traditional ways. Since models can easily be adjusted in the program, the size of our client's costume is always fully customized.


3D printing-1.jpg
Horn WIP2.jpg


The perfect match for the color of your design

Some character designs come with very special colors, which may not be easily found in a fabric market. In this case, we choose to hand-dye to match the color as closely as possible. 

BF air circulation.jpg

Electronics (Optional)


Use a remote control APP to customize your RGB LED eyes via your smartphone.

Color can also be changed when syncing it to music or your microphone!

Air Circulation Fans

We offer the option of adding air circulation in your mask by using multiple fans, which blow fresh air into the mask and blow hot air out. 
It comes with a switch and can be powered via USB portable power or AA batteries.

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