We enjoy making artistic fantasy animal costumes/fursuits, taking very limited, customized commissions every year. On occasion, we may release some entirely new characters and costumes designed by us.




3D printing

Light, strong, customized measurements


We build and print our own 3D models for our bases and parts. We use high-quality materials which make our costumes lighter and stronger than traditional ways. Since models can easily be adjusted in the program, the size of our client's costume is always fully customized.



The perfect match for the color of your design

Some character designs come with very special colors, which may not be easily found in a fabric market. In this case, we choose to hand-dye to match the color as closely as possible. 

Air Circulation (Optional)

Wear your costume for a longer time


We offer the option of adding air circulation in your mask by using multiple fans, which blow fresh air into the mask and blow hot air out. 
It comes with a switch and can be powered via USB portable power or AA batteries.

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